Pitfalls of Poor Tenant Screening Part 2

Most seasoned Landlords have been subjected to a similar scenario: a prospect shows up to view a property and says they have first months rent, full deposit and2 need to move in right away due to some semi-believable story. It’s tough to pass up the money in hand when the market reflects a surplus of inventory. They seem like a nice couple, are not trying to negotiate, and you are tired of showing the unit, so you take the money straight to the bank and turn over keys. This is usually where the dream ends and the nightmare begins.

This used to happen more often years ago, when we didn’t have the power to search courthouse records 24/7 from our phones. However, you may be surprised to hear that it still happens a lot. People who “work the system”, grifters, scammers, con artists, deadbeats, shysters, whatever you call them, know how to play it to their benefit. They show up in nice clothes, speak kindly and with respect, praise the property, and can tell their story with so much drama it will leave you teary eyed.

Here’s a video of one example showing the condition of a property where the owner did very little to screen the prospect:

Please, please, please resist the urge. If they have to stay in a hotel for a day or two, you would be better served in the long run. Before you even start marketing your property for rent you should have a Residential property management in Charlotte set up so you don’t lose time setting them up once a tenant is ready to move. I am not here to sell you on one company over another. There are plenty of very good screening companies out there. I would suggest you find one that offers as many of the following services as possible:

Nationwide criminal search
Nationwide eviction search
Credit report
Social Security Number validation
Lien/Judgment search
Sex offender registry search (Nationwide, in case they did not register at previous address)
Employment verification
Landlord (more importantly previous Landlord) verification
Global Homeland security search

I will dig in deeper on the next installment.

Sustainable Home is Environmental Responsibility

You will get knowledge about the concept of sustainable home, you can also buy a house with the concept of environmentally friendly. But before you visit the website, It is better to read some of the following suggestions about a sustainable home:

Use environmentally friendly building materials and not harm people : When you build a sustainable home use recycled materials wherever you are. This needs to be done to reduce energy use, reduce pollution and fuel savings. Use home building equipment with a little harmful exhaust gases. Imagine in your mind that natural materials will have a better impact on human survival.Use energy-efficient home appliances, such as lamps, doors, windows, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. Everything is done to save energy and your money. Do not make excessive energy savings, do it wisely and as needed. Use energy-saving principles in the most demanding conditions.

Reduce land use: Land area used for houses or for roads will affect how much land is assessed. A sustainable home should minimize land use. Use soil to plant trees, lay, grass, natural stones, etc. Planting trees will reduce the temperature, because the tree leaves are able to absorb CO2  and release O2 so that the air becomes cool. The most important thing in building a sustainable home is land that has official permission. Therefore, before you do anything, check the local zoning procedures as they will have a maximum assessment limit.

Build a quality healthy home: sustainable houses will promote the use of local materials compared to those sent from elsewhere. The further the material, the more energy used and pollution created in the delivery to your site. Buying locally is also great for the local economy. Sustainable homes will use materials and finishing that will last and have style forever so there is no need to dispose of materials that add to waste landfill.

Design your home so that it becomes better in spending energy and cost. Choose a local power company that offers guidance, certification and installation of energy-efficient power. Look for home materials such as windows, doors, roofs and even floors from quality recycled materials. Choose materials that will require less maintenance, which also means fewer materials purchased for upkeep. Building a sustainable home has many rewards. You are helping your health, community and the environment. It is well worth the effort and will have lasting rewards for many years to come.

Invest In Bangalore

Information Technology in Bangalore is very advanced and famous all over the World so it attracts real estate investors from all over the world as well. This place offers many plots for investment in Bangalore at affordable prices with high investment advantages. Perhaps in addition to being called the city of IT, Bangalore is called a property city in India.

Plots for investment in Bangalore can be your investment destination because it is located near Kempegowda International Airport Devanahalli. Bangalore is also close to the railway station. And the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) bus is a reliable means of road transportation in the city. Added value for property development in Bangalore as it has the best transportation facilities.

Bangalore can be divided widely into two districts – urban and rural Bangalore. There are four taluks in urban areas namely North, East-West, South and Anekal. Some important villages in urban Bangalore include, Bagalur and Ajjanahalli. On the other hand, Rural includes talents such as Devanahalli, Hoskote, a and Nelamangala. Some of the important villages in rural Bangalore are Kodihalli, Akkur, Vaddahalli, Honganur and Acharlahalli. These urban and rural concept are the inspiration for construction of plots for investment in Bangalore. Plots in Bangalore is built on a rustic basic concept with an eco friendly homes atmosphere. Many investors are interested in this concept because many people need calm and comfort after doing saturate work.

Historically Bangalore is a center of religious education. In Bangalore there are several renowned colleges and schools that provide world class learning. It is not wrong if all the young people in Bangalor aspire to go to college and get a job in Bangalor. Some of the renowned schools present in Bangalore are National Public School, Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, Bethany High School, Baldwin Girls’ High School, Kendriya Vidyalaya and St. Germain High School. University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, Indian Institute of gement, Institute of Technology, B College of Engineering, Medical College and Oxford Engineering College are some of the well-known educational academics that operate from within the city.

Bangalore has the fastest real estate developments. Real estate market is growing rapidly because Bangalore has some selling points such as an advanced tourism industry, advances in education and information technology. Property in Bangalore became the main and most sought investment option In Karnataka.